Just a little blurb about me

Hi…I’m Mark

I’m a guy who was born in a wonderful time called the sixties, so I certainly have been around the block of life and know it well. I was adopted at birth by a nice family who did their best to raise me on the limited resources they had. Even though the adoption bit probably left me a little confused as a kid, I always instinctively knew one thing, I loved helping people who weren’t doing so well.

Back in the day, when computers were as big as wardrobes and (i)pads were made of paper, I was lucky  to get just enough marks to go to Uni and study. So at the tender age of seventeen I left home and ventured out into the big wide world.
Uni was a bit of nightmare, with having to work 3 jobs to afford my new found ‘independence’. However, after 4 years I finally obtained my Bachelor of Arts and was ready for the workplace. Yep, in those days an Arts degree could actually get you a reasonable job!

The first real job I had was working in youth refuges taking care of young people who had problems with alcohol and drugs. To this day I still remain in awe of my wonderful colleagues who tirelessly worked day and night to get these kids through one crisis after another. I really enjoyed this work, but working day and night was gruelling plus I really felt I could do more for young people in other areas.

So my next job was with the Health Promotion Unit at the NSW Department of Health. This was the start of my writing career! I got to write brochures, guides, and even scripts for health education videos on areas from HIV through to getting off drugs. Everyday I had to learn how to write in language that normal people understood, rather than mumbo jumbo. I’ve certainly done a lot of that over 25 years.

Although I was doing well with my career, it did however leave me feeling a little empty inside. The world had regretfully become a rather materialistic place, but for those who were just managing to keep up, certain things like legal, mental and dental help were slipping further out of reach.

So I went back to Uni (many moons ago) and day and night for another 5 years worked my old butt off to get my law degree.
Believe me, I could never have stomached a career as a dentist spending my days pulling out molars and filling holes.

I started The Legal Eagle in 2014 after a rewarding career in Tasmania and Victoria.
The most wonderful thing I have done in Melbourne is guide and mentor junior lawyers and legal students in Family Law at local Community Legal Centres.
But as I know you can’t all get there…

Here I am, ready to be at your service!

legal eagle bioThe Legal Eagle is all about helping give you access to easy to understand legal information. We have been doing this for over 7 years and reckon we’re not too bad at it.

They’ll be times when it won’t substitute for seeing a lawyer so I’ll also give you every low cost or free legal service I know.
The ones for family law are listed HERE the ones for consumer law HERE and the ones for neighbours HERE

But seriously, I don’t want the law to be a complicated and financially draining experience for you and I hope The Legal Eagle can make a real difference for you.

Finally, most of the work that goes into The Legal Eagle is done for nix, nothing, zilch, so If you would like to consider a little kindness by giving a small donation, that truly would be inspiring as I make this eagle fly higher and wider.
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We do not provide legal ADVICE about your exact problem.

However, we do offer low cost legal drafting to ensure your documents,
affidavits and legal paperwork are spot on. We can also help guide you through the court process so you are confident and impressive in court and mediations.

Drop our fantastic paralegal Abbey a line at
and watch as we help take the stress and frustration out of the legal process for you.

And please, we treat all enquiries as important so if you are going to contact us be serious and please don’t waste my team’s time trying to get a hold of you or dealing with enquiries looking for freebies.

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