Scam Alert

Charles_Ponzi                                 The ‘greatest’ con artist of all time Charles Ponzi (a laThe Ponzi scheme”)

Getting scammed whether it be on the phone or via the mail or the internet can be a very expensive experience. People who scam are very professional at what they do and know every trick in the book to sweet talk you out of your money.

Some of the most popular scams at the moment are:

  • Unexpected money scams (inheritance, lottery wins, get rich quick schemes)
  • Fake charities… and people impersonating real charities
  • Dating and romance scams (Follow our tips on this HERE)
  • Buying and selling scams (Scammers prey on people buying or selling products and services)
  • Telephone and internet “repairers” (Claiming to need access to your computer…and money!)
  • Fake tax office requests for money “owed” (Threats given if payment not received immediately)

This list is constantly being added to, as these parasites come up with new and unusual ways to fleece you of your money.

The best way to find out about the scams in detail and the tools to tackle scammers is by taking a look at the official ACCC Scamwatch site. It’s also the place where you can raise your concerns and report a scam.