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From time to time we here at The Legal Eagle have ideas, thoughts and even handy hints for all our eager eaglets out there.
Below is the list of these gems of wisdom, with the latest at the top of the list:


22/12/16   6 Reasons Why You Need To Separate From Your Phone  (Taking a ‘tech’ break)
20/10/16   Crowd-funders and fundraisers beware: You’re probably breaking the law
28/07/16   Meddled Marriage Laws and Same Sex Suffering  (Why we need marriage equality for all)
02/06/16   Top 10 Crazy Wills of the Rich, Famous and Mean (Why you need a will)
  Gagged Kids And Scared Judges: The Family Court Dilemma 

23/03/16   The Reason Why Mariah Needs A Prenup With James (Financial agreements)
17/02/16   Train Your Mind To Be More Like Your Dog
31/01/16   Hunger, Power and Greed: Has marriage changed much in history?
14/01/16   How To Fix A Noisy Neighbour And Avoid Prison (Dealing with neighbours)
30/12/15   Why Doing Nothing Is The Best New Years Resolution
15/12/15   Dastardly Car Park Fines-Should You Pay? (Guide to private car park “fines”)
08/12/15   Robbing Granny Blind (Tips on preventing elder abuse)
30/11/15   Can Meditation Maximise Your Customer Service?
22/11/15   The Twelve Consumer Cons of Christmas